How Do We Operate?

The Art Deco & Modernism Society of Australia Inc. (ADMSA) is an incorporated not-for-profit cultural organisation, centred in Victoria and operating throughout Australia and round the globe.

Funding for the Society is drawn from members subscriptions, a number of highly-valued sponsors, the sale of publications and from social functions.

A committee is elected by members at each annual general meeting to oversee the Society for the coming year. All members of the committee are volunteers.


  • Robin Grow – President
  • Liana Thompson – Vice President
  • David Wharton – Treasurer
  • Robyn Saalfield – Secretary
  • Brian Scott – Editor
  • Victoria Hall
  • Jan Hatch
  • Julie Lord
  • Dennis Mahoney
  • Peter Sheridan
  • Karen Cosson
  • Kim Wilson
  • Michael Tonta
2016 ADMS Committee

2016 ADMS Committee

The Society has chapters in Adelaide and Brisbane who work with local people to organise events and take action on preservation issues.

ADMSA is a prominent and active member of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS), an alliance of like-minded societies from around the world.

Members of the Art Deco and Modernism Society of Australia (ADMSA) are drawn from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life but all have a love of the era. Some have a passion for buildings, jewellery or fashion, or indeed all three. Not to mention films, graphics, cars and household items such as radios, china, furniture and telephones. Many of our members are also interested in the economic, social and cultural aspects and how they affected people’s lives and the architecture of the period. Whether you are renovating, collecting or just have a love of the era, why not join a network of people dedicated to celebrating Art Deco and Modernism.