What We Do

The Art Deco & Modernism Society of Australia (ADMSA) is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of aspects of the Art Deco and Modernist eras such as architecture, landscaping, furniture, industrial design, fashion, graphics, art, jewellery, entertainment and transport.

A major objective is to raise the awareness in the community of the importance of Twentieth Century buildings.

The ADMSA publishes a quarterly journal called the SPIRIT OF PROGRESS, named after the classic train which also features on the ADMSA logo.

The Society also undertakes regular information seminars, ‘Show and Tell’ nights, exhibitions on aspects of the Deco and Modernist eras, walks and bus tours. Information booklets are provided to all participants of tours and are also available for purchase in the form of Self-guided Walks.

Functions are conducted at central locations and members (existing or new) are made to feel welcome.

The Society exists to meet the needs of members with friendliness and ‘value for money’ as key objectives at all events.