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Spirit of Progress - Spring 2003

$15.00 - $22.00 (tax incl.)

Issue 15 featuring Iliffe Gordon Anderson – The Melbourne Years 1929-1941; Streamline in the South Island; and Deco Surprises

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  • Places We Love – Saved from Demolition, 420 Spencer Street, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Streamline in the South Island
  • Deco Surprises
  • Metropolis and the Silent Movie Experience
  • Exploring Hobart’s Art Deco Heritage
  • Illiffe Gordon Anderson – The Melbourne Years 1929-1941
  • La Lisanne
  • …and President’s Report, Preservation News, Deco Doings, Deco Diary, ADS in Tasmania, Membership update, Deco-File and Deco Directory.