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Spirit of Progress - Spring 2005

$15.00 - $22.00 (tax incl.)

Issue 23 featuring Deco in the Dandenongs; Edgar Gurney – Putting People Into Houses; Art Deco Cinemas; and Enjoying Art Deco in London

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    • Learmonth – A home of note in North Caulfield
    • Deco-rated Glass
    • Edgar Gurney – Putting people into houses
    • Enjoying Art Deco in London
    • Event Report – Deco in the Dandenongs
    • Art Deco Cinemas
    • Brian’s Mail Bag: Terrazzo
    • …and President’s Report, Preservation News, A World of Deco, Deco Doings, Deco Diary, Membership update and Deco Directory