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Spirit of Progress - Summer 2001

$15.00 - $22.00 (tax incl.)

Volume 2 No 1 featuring Deco Hospitals – Can They Survive?; A Stitch in Time; Our Kitchen Deco Reno Experience; Deco Framing; A Walk Around Dulwich Hill; and The Reverso Wrist-Watch

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  • Deco Hospitals – Can they Survive?
  • A Stitch in Time
  • Our Kitchen Deco Reno Experience
  • Deco Framing – It can be done and we know how
  • The Reverso Wrist-watch – An enduring classic
  • J Esmond Dorney Revisited
  • Art Deco in Burradoo
  • A Walk in Dulwich Hill
  • …and President’s Report, Preservation News, Deco Doings, Deco Diary, SADV in Tasmania, Welcome Aboard, and Deco Directory.