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Spirit of Progress - Winter 2007

$15.00 - $22.00 (tax incl.)

Issue 30 featuring Veneers Coming of Age; Melbourne – A Great Art Deco City; The Singapore Experience; and Janette – Albion Street, St Kilda East

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    • Reviving & Celebrating Moree’s Art Deco Legacy
    • Up in Smoke!
    • The Singapore Experience
    • Veneer’s Coming of Age
    • Melbourne – A Great Art Deco City
    • Canberra – National Art Deco, Pre World Congress
    • Janette – Albion Street St Kilda East
    • Art Deco Motion Picture Theatre Closes in the UK
    • …and President’s Report, Preservation News, Deco Diary, Book Review, Deco Directory, A World of Deco, Deco Doings and Supporting the Spirit of Deco – Membership Acknowledgements