Russell St Police Headquarters Complex, Melbourne (Spring 2001)

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We are delighted to report that the future of the classic Art Deco Russell Street Police Complex now seems to be assured.

For some time ADS and other heritage bodies have been involved with discussions with Melbourne property developer, Max Moar, and his architects over the plans for the redevelopment of the site, called Concept Blue. Mr Moar has a deep love of the Deco style and has been determined that the mini-skyscraper will be restored as an integral part of the large apartment complex.

A permit was recently granted by Heritage Victoria and the project was officially launched by the Minister for Infrastructure, John Brumby. What a pleasure it was to hear the words ‘Art Deco’ roll off the Minister’s tongue as he spoke of the importance of the building to Victoria. What a far cry from the previous government, which demolished the Agriculture Building and its Grierson Theatre and approved the destruction of the classic modernist Prince Henry’s Hospital.

This project demonstrates what can be achieved when enlightened developers work with heritage bodies and are supported by government, and ADS is delighted with the outcome.

Many thanks to ADS Heritage Officer, Cliff Skinner, for his work on this project.