Town Hall, Horsham (Spring 2010)

Digital Innovations Preservation, Victoria

The northwest Victorian town of Horsham boasts a wonderful Town Hall, designed by Charles “Nev” Hollinshed in 1939. But the Horsham Rural City Council never observed its obligations to undertake the conduct of a Heritage Study which would have resulted in a heritage overlay and protection for the Town Hall.

The Council had been wanting to redevelop the existing Hall as a performing arts venue and had sought advice from ADMS about the facilities and features that should be retained. When Government money suddenly became available for new community facilities, the Council had a re-think and decided to demolish the exisiting Hall and build a new facility. Their justification for the demolition? That the building was not covered by a heritage overlay!

A group of outraged citizens has launched an appeal to the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal, citing the failure of the Council to consult with the community.

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