McPherson’s Building, Collins St, Melbourne (Spring 2003)

Digital Innovations Preservation, Victoria

McPhersonsBuildingMelbourneThe renovation of the McPherson’s building at 546-566┬áCollins Street, Melbourne is making good progress. The restoration of the stunning terracotta and black facade is now complete.

Recently, the developers, Bob Angley, Neil Arrowsmith and Paul Schneider, invited interested parties to inspect the interior spaces that will become the retail spaces and apartments. Tenancies are now being finalised, including a food emporium and a large gymnasium, and the residential spaces are taking shape.

Compared to other city apartments, the McPherson’s spaces will be large, generally between 24 and 30 squares. The apartments are being sold as shells, so purchasers can create their own environment. Imagine developing your very own masterpiece in one of Melbourne’s premier Art Deco buildings!

Construction of the new section of the building (set back and not visible from the street) will commence soon.