Town Hall, Horsham (Autumn 2011)

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ADMS has been working with a group of Horsham residents objecting to the redevelopment of Horsham’s wonderful Town Hall and auditorium (designed by Charles ‘Nev’ Hollinshed in 1939), which would have resulted in the demolition of the auditorium. A recent hearing at VCAT resulted in the permit for demolition being overturned.

This is a significant victory for preservation in Victoria and demonstrates what can be achieved by a determined group of well-organised and well-supported ratepayers. The Horsham Rural City Council (HRCC) is now looking at alternatives for construction of a performing arts facility. Thanks to our friends at Horsham who worked very hard toschieve this outcome.

At the same time as the VCAT proceedings, the Town Hall complex was nominated to te Victorian Heritage Register by Horsham resident Neville McIntyre (supported by ADMS) and has been recommended for inclusion. HRCC (as the owner of the site) has decided to accept the nomination and work with Heritage Victoria in any future developments on the site.