Long Beach Pavillion, Hobart (Summer 2012)

The bathing pavilion at Long Beach in Hobart has been added to tthe Tasmanian Heritage Register. It was designed in 1962 in the Hobart suburb of Sandy Bay by prominent Tasmanian architect, Dirk Bolt, who designed many mid-20th century buildings in Hobart, including the 10 Murray Street Governement Office tower block that is approved for demolition.

Parliament Square, Hobart (Winter 2010)

A proposed re-development of Hobart’s Parliament Square would have resulted in several 20th Century buildings being demolished, including the 1960s office block 10 Murray Street, and the 1950s Art Deco former Government Printing Offices. The proposal has now been rejected after RMPAT (the Resource Management Planning Appeal Tribunal) refused the application for development. For a full description of the decision, …

Parliament Square, Hobart (Autumn 2010)

The re-development of Parliament Square in Hobart has just received a planning permit, but the project includes the demolition of 3 buildings, including the former Government Printing Office of 2-4 Salamanca Place. The building is described as ‘a rare intact Tasmanian example of the Interwar Art Deco style’ and a challenge is being mounted against its demolition.

Taroona Hotel, Channel Highway, Taroona (April 2006)

The Planning Tribunal rejected the claim by ADS for preservation of the hotel on historic grounds but rejected the application by the developer on planning grounds. A new design was proposed. However, the acquisition of adjacent land enabled a design that incorporated and provided for adaptive re-use of the existing building. A further outcome is that the City of Kingborough …

Taroona Hotel, Channel Highway, Taroona (Winter 2004)

For the last nine months, ADS has been fighting to prevent the demolition of the Taroona Hotel, just outside Hobart, Tasmania. Following a three-day Planning Tribunal hearing, we now await anxiously the decision regarding the fate of the hotel. During the process, ADS received letters of support from other Societies in response to an ICADS alert, and we thank them …